Kim Smith's debut pop album, Nova. Image by Mauricio A. Rodriguez, RAM IMAGERY. Design by Liam Curry. 2013

Kim Smith’s “Nova.” Image by Mauricio A. Rodriguez, RAM IMAGERY. Design by Liam Curry. 2013

Kim Smith’s debut album, Nova, is an electro-pop fantasia encompassing themes of love, distance, jealousy, loss, and the undead.  Produced by Måns Ek, and boasting a galaxy of composers, and the lyric talents of Charlie Mason, Nova was released on Ninthwave Records in 2013.

Nova has spawned three singles; Jealous, Never Ever, and Zombiez. His first EP, “Jealous,” is described as “high-energy, sexy, and entertaining,” and “a genuinely stunning debut single, visually creative, aurally engaging and lyrically lascivious,” and follow-up single “Never Ever” has drawn comparisons to The Pet Shop Boys, Kylie Minogue and Robyn:

“Kim brings the song to life with his beguiling vocals, injecting the lyrics with a studied heart and passion that is hard to resist. He effortlessly recreates the sounds of classic 80s synth bands yet manages to remain distinct with his own tonal qualities. He is the anchor of the song, holding together all the elements and steering them to an exhilarating conclusion.” —


Kim Smith: The Tease Cabaret Collective Records, 2014

Kim Smith’s “The Tease” Image by John Warren Photography. Cabaret Collective Records, 2014

Kim’s dramatic Neo-Weimar kabarett style is documented in part on his EP, “The Tease,” released on Cabaret Collective Records in May, 2014.

Recorded in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, The Tease features four startlingly original incarnations of Kim’s transformed cabaret and pop songs, produced and arranged by Benjamin Ickies. Kim’s confident and seductive baritone strides through a sexy trip-hop take on Edith Piaf’s classic “Padam,” a maudlin, Mexican stand-off styled “Bang, Bang,” a spooky, form-free “Strange Fruit,” and Kim’s signature “You Keep Me Hangin’ On,” styled after Kurt Weil’s “Surabaya Johnny.”

The Tease, Nova, and all Kim’s singles are available on iTunes. Click here to purchase.